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John S Rarey and Cruiser (PDF)

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Based in Groveport Town Hall, the Groveport Heritage Museum displays historic artifacts and memorabilia dating to the early 19th century.

Of special interest is the area devoted to the original Horse Whisperer, Groveport resident John S Rarey, whose unique methods as a horse trainer earned international praise; and photographs and documents which detail the merger of two canal towns in 1847 - Wert's Grove and Rarey's Port - into the world's only town named "Groveport."

The Ohio & Erie Canal

The Ohio and Erie Canal opened in Groveport on September 25, 1831. Groveport was one of dozens of Ohio towns that grew and prospered from its time as port on the Canal which stretched from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. Remnants of the Canal are still visible in parts of Groveport, including Lock 22 in Groveport Park and areas in and near Blacklick Park. The Museum's Canal exhibit contains maps, photos and artifacts from Groveport's canal era.

John S. Rarey (The Horse Whisperer)

Famous Groveport horseman John S. Rarey gained international attention in the mid-19th century for his humane methods of horse training. Rarey's biggest success was taming the supposedly unbreakable English stallion Cruiser. Cruiser remains the mascot of the Groveport Madison School District because of his example that combining power, intelligence and discipline brings success.


The Museum has been created through the Groveport Heritage and Preservation Society, and is managed by Museum Director Rick Palsgrove. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For additional information, please call 614-836-3333.

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