What will “kids” be able to do?
Play in one of our gyms (along with our regular patrons). Please check the gym schedules for times suited for the kids in your party as we have varying times for our different age groups.

Climb the rock wall. Please check the rock wall schedule as the rock wall is only open certain hours during the day. Climbers must be at least 5 years of age, weigh at least 40 pounds and have sufficient strength and coordination to climb. Prior to date of use, 5-year-olds must meet with the Recreation Coordinator for pre-approval.

Swim at our indoor pool. Please check the indoor pool schedule for GENERAL SWIM times. The indoor is not open the same hours as the rest of the facility.

Only adults are permitted to utilize the fitness center and indoor track.

If you chose the Aquatic Center (outdoor water park), kids will enjoy all of the age and height appropriate amenities of the facility.

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8. What will “kids” be able to do?
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