New Business Guide


The City of Groveport supports the start of new businesses and the expansion of our existing businesses. It is our goal to do everything possible to help make your business a success and help you avoid many of the pitfalls that may cause you to stumble on the road to business success.

The City of Groveport is extremely fortunate to have a Building and Zoning Division that is State-certified, meaning that the building permit and inspection process can be done entirely at the local level, eliminating the need—and associated delays—of having inspectors from the state approve construction projects.

Contact Jeff Green, Development Director to set up an initial meeting: 614-836-5301. This meeting will also include Stephen Moore the City’s Chief Building Official.


Zoning Compliance Approval

All new businesses are required to complete and submit an application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance for approval by the City’s Planning & Development Department. A detailed description of the business is required in order to determine if the business complies with zoning for that district. This is a fairly simple process and can usually be completed and approved within 2-3 business days

Change of Use

Upon review of the Zoning Compliance application, a Change of Use Permit may be required, in accordance with the Ohio Building Code. This applies if the nature of the new or relocating business is different from the business that previously occupied the space.

The estimated time frame for Change of Use approval is three to four weeks.

Building Permits

If alterations to your proposed new space are planned, various permits may be required, from a basic Commercial Building Permit to permits for plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Inspections and approvals are required before the Planning and Development Department can issue an Occupancy Permit.

Sign Permit

All proposed signage must comply with the City’s sign code. Sign Permit applications must be approved before any new signs can be displayed.

Sign regulations vary by district within the City. For example, if your business is located in the “historic” section of Groveport, fewer signs are permitted.


Historic Downtown Groveport is a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA). The CRA program is an economic development tool offered and administered by the City to encourage commercial development and residential renovation in the downtown area. The CRA provides real estate tax abatements on the increased value of real property improvements within the CRA’s target area. The value of the tax abatement can reach up to a 100% abatement of the improved real property tax valuation for up to 15 years.

Any property owners within the designated CRA interested in the program should contact Jeff Green for more information: 614-836-5301.