Small Business Directory

We are pleased to present our first directory showcasing businesses throughout the City of Groveport.  We hope you’ll find this to be a valuable resource and one that may help you discover businesses you may not have even known were here!

While we tried to be as thorough as possible, we realize we may have missed someone.  If your business—or another business you are aware of was inadvertently left off the list, please contact Development Director Jeff Green at  As the city continues to grow, this list will also grow.  Because of this, we will regularly update the online directory so that the most current and accurate information available is presented.

We ask you to take a look at the many diverse businesses on the list and patronize them whenever possible.  “Shop local” is not just a catch-phrase.  It’s a commitment to support the community and those businesses that help make us “Central Ohio’s Hometown”!

Click on "Restaurants, Retail, and Services" in the green side column to access the directory. Then use the "Category" drop-down box and/or the search bar to narrow your search. 

Downtown Directory Map