Groveport Cemetery

Welcome to Groveport Cemetery

Groveport Cemetery, located on Wirt Road in the City of Groveport, was established in 1809.  It is adjacent to Groveport Heritage Park.  

Groveport takes pride in the care and upkeep of the Groveport Cemetery.  The Groveport Cemetery is very affordable and gives the peace of mind of knowing those who choose this cemetery as their final resting place will be cared for with respect and dignity.  

The cemetery was established in 1809.  The oldest person buried there is Catherine G. Bowman Richardson.  Her tombstone is unique, at first glance it seems to be typical of a toppled monument but upon a closer inspection it appears to be a stone that looks like an old style coffin.

John S. Rarey, the famous Horse Whisperer, is buried in this cemetery along with one of the founding fathers of Groveport, William Rarey.

Groveport Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Cost per plot - $1000.00

Cost for interment (opening and closing) - $1000.00

Cremation Burial - $600.00

Weekends/Holidays opening/closing - $1250.00

Weekend/Holidays Cremation Burial - $750.00

Headstone foundations - $1.50 sq. inch

Any questions or concerns regarding the cemetery can be made by calling the City Sexton at the Groveport Public Services Department 


Cemetery Committee Members

Shawn Cleary

Angie Cramer

John Detty