Residential Work Requiring a Permit & Approval

Below you will find a list of typical homeowner projects that require a building permit and/or other type of permit to be obtained prior to beginning the project. This list is not all inclusive and other types of projects may require a permit as well.

Please contact the Building Department at 614-830-2045, prior to starting your project to verify if a permit is required. Many of the projects listed will also require a Certificate of Zoning Compliance to be issued.

Replacing a water heater.
Installing new or replacing water distribution lines or sanitary drain lines. Including additions, remodeling, and new construction.
Installing a whirlpool, hydro massage tub, and hot tub.
Installing a shower or bath tub.
Installing new gas lines.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning:
Replacing an air conditioning unit.
Replacing a furnace.
Replacing a heat pump.
Installing supply or return air ductwork for additions, remodeling and new construction.
Construction of a prefab or masonry fireplace.
Installation of a vented or vent-less gas heating unit.

Replacing the electrical service panel.
Installing new wiring and boxes.
Installing underground or overhead wiring.
Installing wiring and equipment for baseboard heat.
Installing wiring and boxes for window air conditioners.
Installing wiring and equipment for clothes dryer.
Installing wiring for a through wall heating and air conditioning unit.
Installing wiring and equipment for a range.
Installing wiring and equipment for a whirlpool or hydro massage tub.
Installing wiring and equipment for a hot tub.
Installing wiring and equipment for a swimming pool.
Installing wiring and equipment for new construction.
Installing ceiling fans. Note: ceiling fans shall be mounted on boxes designed for ceiling fans.
Installing a generator.

Structural: (May require a Certificate of Zoning Compliance)
Construction of an accessory structure (shed) exceeding 200 square foot.
Construction of a carport.
Enclosing a carport or converting carport into a garage or habitable space.
Construction of a garage.
Construction of an addition.
Construction of a screen porch.
Construction of a deck.
Construction of a gazebo.
Remodeling or alteration of the interior of a structure. (Including a basement finish)
Replacing windows with a larger size.
Replacing structural walls, rafters, floor joists, trusses, stairways, headers, beams, or columns.
Replacing foundation walls.
Construction of a fireplace, prefab or masonry.
Replacing front porch.
Fire damage repair.

Replacing roof shingles.
Replacing windows and doors of the same size.
Replacing siding.
Replacing handrails or guardrails.
Fences over six feet (6’) in height.
Swimming Pools – (only require zoning and electrical permits)