Art Gallery

March Artist - Rebecca Jadway

X-ray and Egyptian Art

This Show is a sort of mini natural history museum, featuring x-rays of insects and other animals, and Egyptian-themed sculptures based on ancient artifacts and rituals.  It explores both the changing hsitory of humanity and the uniformity of basic animal life existing alongside it.  The ancient Egyptians had a fascinating culture that worshiped animal-headed gods, and strove to maintain a static rather than progressive society. Which, of course is impossible; change is inevitable, and this show demonstrates both the changes, stylistically, in their society, their mix of communion with and control over nature, paired with images of animals that are presented almost as if trapped in amber; pared down to their essence in x-ray form, photographic specimens that are presented in distressed frames and antiqued glass, a presentation and preservation as deliberate and artificial as the Egyptians attempts to control both life and the afterlife, and the intentional damage and wear to the sculptures to simulate age. The insects pair particularly well given the Egyptian's obsession with the scarab beetle, whose image was used in many jewelry pieces and art, and represented life and rebirth.