Billing Schedule and Payment Regulations:

All accounts served by the Groveport Water System, are billed in “thousands of gallons” and are based on a minimum bill.  If services are ON at a property, regardless of inhabitants, the minimum bill is applied.  All consumption from 0-7000 gallons is also billed the minimum.  Any additional charges are based on each 1,000 gallons used. 

The City of Groveport bills for water and sewer services quarterly.  Those on the Columbus water system pay a storm water fee only twice a year.

The water bill dates are as follows:

January 1st
April 1st
July 1st
October 1st

The meters are read on:

December 15th
March 15th
June 15th
September 15th 

Storm water bills:

Jan 1st
July 1st

All bills are due one month from the bill date.  If the due date falls on a weekend, that following Monday becomes the date due.  If not paid in full by the due date, a 10% penalty is added to the account balance the following day and revised “penalty bills” are mailed out.  These penalty bills are due 15 days from the rebilled date, giving residents a total of approximately 45 days to pay their utility bill before service terminations begin.

Any account that has not paid their balance by the penalty bill due date, will be tagged the following day to serve as notice of service termination.  The City charges a $25.00 fee, per account, to hang the yellow shut off tag.

The City of Groveport will not terminate services the week of a holiday or on a Friday.  The shut off date becomes the next working day after the holiday or Friday. 

Service termination begins at 9:00am on the scheduled day.  Any payments made AFTER 9:00 A.M., will be charged, per account, a $50.00 reconnection fee. 

Payment Options

Online - Utility bills can be paid, reprinted, both payment and billing history can be viewed, as well as your consumption history.  A credit/debit card convenience fee will be assessed of 2.8% per transaction with a fixed fee of $6.99 for payments between $250.00 and $325.00 per transaction.   A variable rate of 3.75% will be assessed on payments exceeding $325.01.   

Mail - Mail your payment to 655 Blacklick Street, Groveport, OH 43125.  Please include your payment stub.

After Hours - Use the night drop box located at the Municipal Building to the right of the front door.  Make sure to put your payment in a sealed envelope and write your SERVICE ADDRESS on the outside. 

In Person - Our Office is located at 655 Blacklick St.  For a payment receipt, bring your bill when paying in person.  Hours of Operation are: M-F 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.  A credit/debit card convenience fee of 3.75% will be assessed per transaction with a minimum charge of $3.95.

Payment Types - We accept checks, money orders, credit Cards-Visa & MasterCard, and cash.

The City requests that residents make sure to sign and date their checks, write their account number in the memo line and please DO NOT staple the payment stub to the check. 

We DO NOT accepts payments via telephone.

**Payments are posted by the date received in our officeNOT by the postage date or check date.

**We advise residents NOT to pay their water bill via their bank’s online bill pay if close to the due date.  It can take up to 10 days for the City to receive those payments. 

**Failure to receive your bill does not excuse penalty or payment.  The City offers E-Bill for those residents that prefer to go paperless!  Contact the Utility Office at (614) 830-2048 to sign up! 

Questions or concerns with Water Service on the City of Columbus Service area, call City of Columbus, Dept. of Public Utilities, Division of Water:

  • Customer Service, residential service:  614-645-8276
  • Customer Service, Distribution System/non-residential service:  614-645-7788