GREAT Workforce Transportation

Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit (GREAT) eases last mile commutes for COTA riders. Rickenbacker area businesses rely on a commuter workforce so safe, efficient, on-time and cost-effective public transportation options are vital. The City of Groveport is pleased to provide this service. 


GREAT shuttles coordinate with COTA Lines 22 & 24 at COTA stop #7063, the Marathon Station, at the corner of London-Groveport Rd. and Alum Creek Dr. 

GREAT Brochure
2022 January Stops

The GREAT/COTA coordination point is located at:
  • Alum Creek Drive and London-Groveport Road at COTA stop #7063

COTA fees apply when boarding COTA buses. Please visit the COTA Website for accurate information. Customer Service inquiries are coordinated through COTA by calling 614-228-1776


1.What is GREAT?
Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit. GREAT gives you a ride between COTA and your job in the Rickenbacker area. GREAT Brochure
2.What does it cost to ride GREAT?
The City of Groveport is pleased to offer GREAT free of charge.
3.Where do COTA and GREAT connect?
London-Groveport Rd. at Alum Creek Drive. 
4.Does GREAT stop at my job?
See the most recent list of GREAT stops here. 2022 January Stops

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