Police Department

As of January 2024, the Groveport Police Department is organized into the following divisions: 

The Administrative Division consists of the Chief of Police who reports directly to the Mayor, a Captain who is the second in command and is responsible for the Patrol and Administrative Divisions of the Groveport Police Department which employs a total of 26 full-time police officers and 1 civilian employee. 

The Administrative Lieutenant is responsible for the Investigative unit and Patrol Operations Liaison.  The Administrative Lieutenant serves as the department’s fiscal management officer, and supervises the Police Administrative Assistant which provides continued assistance to the public and the officers. 

The Detective Division presently has three investigators (1) Detective Sergeant and (2) Detectives who provide all aspects of investigations from theft to homicide and everything in between. The (1) Patrol Operations Liaison acts as a go between with the adult & juvenile court systems, the Groveport Madison School District, Eastland Career Center, Groveport Community Schools, and the Madison Christian Schools.  They also interact with the community during city special events, home owner association meetings, and other community functions that require a dedicated officer to engage the public.

The Patrol Lieutenant is responsible for the Patrol Division and serves as the liaison to the Groveport-Madison School District and all the Security teams of the local logistics and distribution companies with in the City of Groveport

The Patrol Division consists of (4) Patrol Sergeants, (13) Patrol Officers, and (1) School Resource Officer currently serving at the Groveport Madison High School. 


The Department's patrol vehicle fleet is comprised (15) marked patrol cars fully equipped with digital reporting equipment and also vehicle digital recording devices. There are also (4) unmarked vehicles that are used by the Investigators and Administrative Bureaus, as well as special assignment officers.


Officers logged 197,998 patrol miles and assisted in 205 mutual aid responses to neighboring public service agencies. Officers responded to nearly 6,377 calls of service, which include 3,668 self- initiated calls to service and 2,709 calls were dispatched by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.  These self-initiated and dispatched calls to service include 181 calls to schools within the City of Groveport, and 646 residential and business alarm calls during 2023

In addition, officers also responded to 170 accidents reports, responded and created 1,159 non-criminal/criminal reports. Officers wrote 408 citations, with 18 OVI Arrest, and made 215 criminal arrests