Police Department


As of December 1, 2016, Groveport's full time Police staff is organized into the following divisions:

The Administrative Division consists of the Chief of Police who reports directly to the Mayor, a Captain who is the second in command and has responsibility for the Patrol Division. The Administrative Lieutenant has responsibility for the Investigative unit, as well as serving as the department’s fiscal management officer. Presently the Administrative Sergeant serves the department as the Public Information Officer and is also responsible to coordinate with all IT issues. Two civilian employees, an Administrative Assistant and a receptionist, provide continued assistance to the public and the officers.

Police patch which reads, "Groveport Police, Founded 1847. Honor - Integrity. Ohio."

The Detective Division presently has two investigators who provide all aspects of investigations from homicides to theft and everything in between.

The Patrol Division consists of three Sergeants and 14 patrol officers.  Each unit is broken down as follows:

  • “A” Company – this sergeant serves as the liaison officer to the Groveport-Madison School District and all the Security teams of the local logistics and distribution companies with in the City of Groveport
  • “B” Company – this sergeant serves as the fleet, uniforms and equipment manager, special events, and is responsible for the Reserve unit.
  • “C” Company – this sergeant is responsible for training and maintaining all education records and CPT compliance, as well as assisting with range duties.



The Department's patrol vehicle fleet is comprised of 15 marked cruisers fully equipped with digital reporting equipment and also in vehicle digital cameras. There are also four unmarked vehicles that are used by the Investigators and Administrative Bureaus, as well as special assignment officers.


In 2015 we continued our social media expansion and development.  We started using Nixle in the police department which expanded to the entire city using the product.  This allows us to communicate with the residents and businesses in a timely manner. 

Facebook has increased to about 1300 likes and Twitter is up to over 700 followers.

Officers logged 205,167 patrol miles and assisted in 285 mutual aid responses to neighboring public service agencies. Officers responded to nearly 9,725 calls of service, which include 3,265 self- initiated calls to service and 5,830 calls were dispatched by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

In addition, officers also responded to 191 accidents reports. Officers wrote 1187 citations and made 275 adult arrests and 95 juvenile arrests. The investigations unit, had 153 shared between the two detectives. This included multiple felony case involving sex related assault referrals from the Franklin County Children Services unit.

Based on the activities of calls and the officers: “A” Day Shift had 35% of all calls; “B” Evening Shift had 54% of all calls and: “C” Night Shift had 11% of all calls. Our busiest time periods occur between 3pm to 8pm, with Friday being the busiest followed by Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday.