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Aug 2023-5

Seasonal Activities

Snow and Ice Control

Public Services Department staff work hard during the winter to clear snow from all roads, City owned parking lots and adjacent sidewalks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Staff track potential storms and prepare to respond as soon as snow starts to fall. During snow and ice control operations, crews work 12 hour shifts day and night until duties are completed. 

To assist plow operators, residents are encouraged to:

  • Remain patient; we will ensure that all roads and parking lots are passable as soon as possible. This is our number one priority.
  • Remove parked cars from city streets and parking lots when snow is forecasted. 
  • Stay off the roads, if possible. The fewer vehicles on the roads, the faster we can get them cleared and have you on your way.
  • Stay back at least 70' from the rear of a plow truck so the driver can see you. If you can't see the driver in his mirrors he can't see you.
  • Plow trucks may need to back up to properly clear snow from the area. Please stay back at least 70' from the rear of the plow truck.
  • Avoid passing or driving beside plow trucks.
  • Avoid placing snow from your driveway back into the roadway. Less snow will be pushed into your driveway by passing plow trucks.
  • When shoveling your driveway, deposit the snow on the tree lawn to the right side as you face the street. That way, snowplows will not push that snow back into your driveway.

Call the Public Services Department at 614-836-3910 if you have any questions.


Areas of responsibility include:

  • Asphalt and concrete repairs, traffic signal and signage repairs
  • Drainage and sewer maintenance 
  • Facility maintenance at the Municipal Building, Town Hall and Crooked Alley KidSpace, Groveport Recreation and Aquatic Center, Public Services facility, Groveport Municipal Golf Course clubhouse, Groveport Police Department, Rarey's Port and Wert's Grove buildings. 
  • Leaf removal from mid-October through early December (All leaves must be raked to the back of curb)
  • Mosquito control program
  • Participation in the set up and cleanup of community festivals, including the Groveport First Thursday Community event, Fourth of July Celebration, Apple Butter Day, Veterans' Day Salute, Halloween Beggars Night and Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Road side mowing, brush and leaf pickup, clearing for sight distance on signs and roadways
  • Snow and ice control
  • Turf and landscape maintenance of all City facilities, parks and athletic fields. 
  • Water treatment and distribution for 1,199 customers in the City of Groveport


For questions on your water service or billing, please call Public Services Department at 614-836-3910. For questions on payments for water bills, please contact the Utility Department at 614-830-2048.

To report a downed power line, utility pole, or other utility emergency, contact AEP at 1-800-672-2231