Fall Tips

Don't Fall Back - Help Protect Our Local Water Resources!

Fall is a beautiful time of year, as the summer heat gives way to cooling temperatures and falling leaves. Neighborhood activities seem to change with the seasons as people begin to spend more time in cleanup mode. Rakes and trash bags abound to deal with the change of season. With this change in weather, we must remember to be conscientious of the impact of our activities on our water resources. Rainy weather washes accumulated pollutants from your property down the storm drains, directly to our streams and rivers! Stormwater runoff can cause water contamination and blockages which may lead to flooding.

Be Careful What Goes Down Your Storm Drains

The following items should not be dumped into storm drains:

  • Car wash soaps
  • Chlorinated pool or spa water
  • Household and automobile hazardous waste, including paint, oil, batteries or other toxic materials
  • Leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste
  • Litter
  • Pet waste

If you see someone dumping these materials down a storm drain, or know of a site that seems to be a problem, call City Engineer Steve Farst at 614-836-5301 to report a potential violation.

Do Your Part

One simple way to make sure you are doing your part to reduce stormwater pollution is to rake leaves to the curb in front of your residence, rather than raking it onto the street or down the storm drain. Bag other yard waste for pickup and compost or recycle yard waste when possible.

Take your car to a car wash where the dirty soaps are disposed of into the sanitary sewer system. Dispose of pet waste by flushing it down the toilet or sealed within your solid waste container. To learn more about where to properly dispose of household hazardous waste like paints, solvents, and batteries, contact the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) at 614-871-5100.

Remember that everything washed or thrown into a storm drain flows directly to our streams and rivers. Help protect out local water resources. Ensure that only stormwater is entering our storm system, and become part of the stormwater pollution solution in your neighborhood!