Property Maintenance

The City of Groveport Property Maintenance Division works in partnership with our citizens to improve and maintain the quality of our community by promoting and maintaining clean, safe and attractive neighborhoods and business districts.

Report a Concern

Property maintenance concerns can include such matters as:
  • Accumulated rubbish or garbage
  • Building maintenance
  • Fences or structures in disrepair
  • Grass parking
  • High grass and weeds
  • Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles
  • Unsanitary or unsafe conditions
These issues may be referred to the Property Maintenance Inspector, Courtney Shisler, by phone at 614-830-2056, by email, or by completing the Property Maintenance Referral Form (PDF) and following the submission instructions.

Groveport Community Connections (GCC)

Connecting Our Citizens With The Services They Need
Property Maintenance sometimes requires existing structures and premises to be altered or repaired. The City of Groveport understands that locating local resources to address these matters can be difficult, and that alterations and repairs can sometimes be challenging.

In response to these challenges, and in an effort to support our community and its citizens, the City has established the Groveport Community Connections (GCC) Network. This resource network includes the following:
  • A resource list of local businesses, citizens and service organizations offering volunteer services to assist community members with their Property Maintenance efforts whenever possible.
  • A resource list of local businesses, contractors and service providers offering/selling property maintenance goods and services.

Get Involved

Should you be interested in becoming a GCC Network member or volunteer, or be interested in connecting with any of the members for information or assistance, please review the following links:
Questions may be directed to Courtney Shisler, Property Maintenance Inspector, at 614-830-2056.