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Finance Department - Mission Statement

  • Ensure Groveport's governmental operations and expenditure of funds are ethically and                responsibly managed.
  • Manage Groveport's investments, optimizing security while maximizing return.
  • Provide the Citizens of Groveport with full, complete, accurate and professional financial information.

Congratulations to the Finance Department - Auditor of State Award of Distinction

Utility Payments: Please call 614-830-2048 .

Understanding Local Taxes

To find out more about your local income tax and property tax click here to help you understand what this money is used for and where it goes. 

City Income Tax
Groveport income tax is collected and administered by the City of Columbus Income Tax Division. If you are working or living within the City of Groveport, you are liable for the income tax. To obtain a pdf2013 tax return form, click here.

These instructions are applicable to Columbus and all municipalities listed for which Columbus administers the tax. If you have any questions about completing forms and/or need tax forms, please call
(614) 645-7370.  All forms and instructions are also available on-line at

For instructions on the completion of the 2013 tax return form, please click here.


Jeff Green
Finance Director
(614) 830-2048

Anna Krigbaum
Senior Accountant
(614) 830-2048

Amy Hartung
Accounting Clerk
(614) 830-2048