City of Groveport Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
In coordination with City Administration, the Engineering Department prepares a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for review and approval by City Council and then puts this CIP plan into action by supervising planning, design and construction of projects.  The CIP includes important City infrastructure projects to improve our public streets, our public utilities and water production and distribution infrastructure. 

Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) 
The Ohio Public Works Commission accepted applications for Round 32 of project funding for projects to be constructed during 2018. The deadline for this year's round of applications was Monday, September 11, 2017.  The City of Groveport submitted applications for two projects; the West Bixby Road Reconstruction, Phase 2 Project and the Hamilton Road at Firehouse Lane/Groveport Madison High School Intersection Project.  The Hamilton Road at Firehouse Lane/Groveport Madison High School Intersection Project scored the highest of all projects submitted.  More details on the project and construction dates will follow as the design phase progresses.

S. Hamilton Road @ Firehouse Lane/Groveport Madison High School Traffic Signal and Intersection Receives Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Funding
The City of Groveport applied for and received OPWC funding assistance for upgrades to the traffic signal and intersection at S. Hamilton Road and Firehouse Lane/Groveport Madison High School.  The project will include a southbound right turn lane into the high school campus, new traffic signal equipment to include a mast-arm signal support (sized for possible future north and south bound left turn lane improvements, if needed); crosswalk and pedestrian signal system for pedestrians wishing to cross S. Hamilton Road to and from the COTA bus stop on the east side of the road.  Moreover, there will be a pedestrian refuge island within the median aligned with the crosswalk.  Sidewalks will be constructed connecting the COTA bus stop on the east side to the crosswalk and from the crosswalk to the high school campus future pedestrian network.  Project funding is a collaboration with the City of Groveport, Groveport Madison Schools, Madison Township Fire Department, and the OPWC.  Engineering design is proceeding within 2018, with construction expected to begin in the spring of 2019. 

Annual Street Maintenance Program
Work began on the 2017 Street Maintenance Program in late July, with improvements being conducted by the City's Contractor, Columbus Asphalt Paving Company.  Work activities included pavement repairs, curb repairs and resurfacing on the following streets:

* Elm Street - from West Street east to Town Center Parking Lot
* Grove Pointe Drive - from near Briargrove Drive west to near Golden Grove Drive
* Tallman Street - from South Street south to near Green Avenue
* West Street - from Green Avenue south to and including Kinsel Avenue
* Firehouse Lane - from near SR 317/Hamilton Road east to near Madison Lane
* Lambert Street - pavement only
* Main Street and Hendron Road Intersection - Sidewalk Reconstruction
* City Parking Lot - adjacent to Crooked Alley/Cherry Street

The 2018 Street Maintenance Program is currently out for bid.

Waterline Replacements for Hanstein Addition and College Street Corridor Project

The City has awarded a contract to Facemyer Company for waterline replacements in Hanstein Addition and on College Street, between Main Street and Grove Street.  The work will start in April and be completed before August 1, 2018.  The project involves new 8 inch water mains along the following streets in Hanstein Addition:  Seymour Street, Crescent Drive, Delane Road (north of Elm Street), and Hanstein Place (Crescent Drive to Elm Street). The existing 4 inch water mains in Hanstein Addition will be retired and abandoned in place.  Waterline improvements along College Street between Main Street and Grove Street involve switching many water customers' services to a larger 16 inch main.  Project updates and notifications will be posted on the website during construction.